Купить пептиды НПЦРиЗ - Registration Купить пептиды НПЦРиЗ - Registration


Российские ученые изобрели препараты, продлевающие жизнь.
Санкт-Петербургский институт геронтологии и биорегуляции более 35 лет изучает пептиды и их действие.
Это современная теория ревитализации (омоложения организма за счет биорегуляции).
Научно доказано и подтверждено на практике.



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To purchase the peptides must be registered with the company.
When registering, choose the nearest "Warehouse service", where you will order products.
In your e-mail will be sent number ID in the company and the phone storage.
Customer number you are bringing in stock for purchase!
It gives the right to purchase  products with 30% discount, as well as a 10% return for the month, upon presentation of passport. When calculating the first return discount for the month you will be charged the one-time registration fee  - 30 rubles .
You will be able to go to your office number and password.
In the office you will find the link above to register your friends and acquaintances. Recommendations of the company pays 10%.
Recommended to meet with the marketing plan .


* - fields are required

For countries that do not have a warehouse, be registered through the warehouses:
 8000012 (Moscow, Russia)
and 8000513 (Riga, Lettonie)
You can do order in internet store:
You will get receipt for payment and payments methods. Your order will be mailed after the payment getting.
You will receive a letter about sending and shipping number. 

At filling the form of registration disconnect the translator!
Warehouse maintenance Russia *:
Warehouse Services: Latvia *:
Surname *:
Name *:
Middle name *:
E-mail *:
Passport number *:
Date of issue (dd.mm.yyyy.) *:
Issuing authority *:
Contact phone *:
Gender *:
Date of birth (dd.mm.yyyy) *:

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